Get cloud power on your terms

What if you could take your existing IT infrastructure and make it more flexible, more productive and more powerful — all for less money than you’re currently spending?

Introducing Cloud Power from Microsoft, the most comprehensive approach to cloud computing on Earth — delivering solutions such as Office 365 and Windows Intune across multiple environments using familiar tools and technology.

Increase your business productivity while paying only for the computing power you need with Microsoft Office 365. Upgrade your PCs and laptops to Windows 10 Enterprise and gain PC management and security in the cloud with Windows Intune.

When you choose cloud solutions based on Microsoft technologies, you gain the flexibility and control to distribute the power of the cloud where it makes sense for your organisation while leveraging the same Microsoft best-in-class products you already know and trust.

Twenty million businesses and more than a billion people use Microsoft cloud services.

Take advantage of Microsoft’s experience with cloud services and IT infrastructure solutions to manage your PCs. With more than 25 years’ experience with business software and nearly 20 years’ experience with cloud computing, you can trust that Microsoft cloud services are delivered to you with the reliability and security you expect for your business.

TTP is your cloud authority

TTP’s unique services and solutions will help you get the most out of Microsoft cloud products. TTP can help you increase productivity, and improve the security, reliability, agility and control of your IT — all while reducing costs — by using Windows Intune and Microsoft Office 365.

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